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Utility Trucks Outfitted
To Meet Your Changing Needs

MAXIMETAL, under its MAXI Utility brand, specializes in the design and manufacture of custom-fitted utility trucks for all types of commercial and custom chassis. Whatever your line of work, whatever your requirements—we deliver quality, ingenuity, and efficiency.

When you choose MAXI Utility trucks you get

  • A mobile workstation with all the equipment you need to maximize work team performance
  • A fully optimized, custom-fitted design
  • Recognized expertise from a company with a proven track record for meeting the full range of industry needs
  • An experienced team offering solutions that go beyond your requirements
  • An integrated product, manufactured under one roof from start to finish
  • Production flexibility that can accommodate a single prototype or several different models
  • No surprises—you get the product you ordered, at the price you expect, in the timeframe agreed upon
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