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In addition to developing, designing, manufacturing, and selling custom-fitted fire trucks, MAXIMETAL gives you even more:

  • The choice between a commercial or custom chassis that works for you
  • Training for all those who want to learn more about maintaining their vehicle, using the CAFS system, and available options and new features
  • Vehicle repair service on site or at our plant
  • Annual performance testing to verify vehicle compliance
  • Parts sales, and the cheap canada goose for sale;
  • Rental trucks

For more information on our personalized service, contact us. View our available rental trucks, sorted by category, in the Recent Deliveries section.


St-Georges, Quebec, September 23rd, 2020 – Canadian manufacturer of fire apparatus and utility trucks, MAXIMETAL, is expanding its operations by adding 10,000 ft² of space to meet surging demand for its products.  [...]

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