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Utility Outfitting for All Your Vehicles

MAXIMETAL custom outfits utility trucks and vans under its MAXI Utility brand. Whatever your specific needs, we offer solutions tailored to your industry to make your job easier. When you choose MAXI for your outfitting needs, you get the 5-S touch.

The 5-S method is an organizational technique designed to help businesses optimize their work streams and processes. Its primary objectives are to

  • Streamline the work area
  • Efficiently organize the work area
  • Improve the cleanliness of the premises
  • Prevent the appearance of dirt and disorder
  • Sustain efforts in this direction

The system helps

  • Improve employee work conditions
  • Save time and energy
  • Reduce the risk of accidents
  • Improve production quality

Our 5-S approach enables us to design utility trucks tailored to your service requirements, uses, and equipment.

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